4 Known Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

Since the foundation of eBay and Amazon, e-commerce has become rapidly popular during the last decade. Due to its advantages such as the scope of market and cost, multinational companies and small to medium enterprises included online selling to their sales platform.

In spite of the advantages of e-commerce, it has its share of disadvantages. This article will list some of the disadvantages of online shopping. Consumers should evaluate these disadvantages according to their demands or doubts.

Product Condition and Returns

The issue of distrust of not being able to see, touch or test the product if it will meet the consumer’s expectations before paying is a serious let down to some buyers. In this sense, we can say that in terms of returns the rules that apply to physical stores are equally applicable to virtual stores. The products have the guarantees established by law. The buyer must keep the packaging, the invoice and any other document attesting to the purchase and payment. Whenever possible check the condition of the product at the time of delivery by the carrier.

Payment and Information Security

The security concern is another aspect where many people are still reluctant to buy online. Is it safe to enter your debit or credit card information online? The answer is not only yes, but it could be said that the risk today is the same or less than paying by card, for example, in a restaurant, since the employee directly handles the plastic and could get to manipulate or duplicate it. Never let your card be taken away from your sight

In addition, virtual stores have the same obligations as the physical ones in the treatment of personal information. If you still distrust and fear the possibility of a fraud, the prevention measure is to have a card that is only intended to make purchases online and has a limited balance. In this way, in a case of incidence, the damage would be minimized.

Payment Options

Online payment systems are currently very secure and from the technical point of view, the probability that third parties can intercept or manipulate a payment by credit card is very small. Of course, you have to always operate through known payment systems, such as PayPal or 2Checkout. In any case, it is always necessary to verify that the page of payment in which we enter the data of our credit card is a safe page. Most browsers indicate this by means of a lock icon and the address of the page (URL) must start with https: //.

Delivery Time

Finally, there are those who regret the lack of immediacy. The purchase is done quickly, comfortably and efficiently, but buyers have to wait for at least 24 hours before they will receive the item. There are exceptions for daily domestic purchases, but consumers should still have to wait.