5 Guidelines For An Effective Online Marketing Plan

Nowadays, e-commerce is considered as a mainstream selling platform. However, in order to be successful in online selling, a definite online marketing plan is needed. Whether a company is still in a planning stage of setting up an online shop or has already launched an online store, a good marketing strategy will always be useful. This article will set the guidelines and will help entrepreneurs not to deviate from their objectives.

Analyze the Initial Situation

In the first phase of an online marketing plan, work should be done in collecting and analyzing relevant information about the market environment. Your company should also assess who are your potential customers so that you can draw the game scenario.

Internal Analysis

All self-improvement work begins with an inner reflection, thanks to which your business will be aware of your abilities and limitations. Your company can begin by defining this in the following few sentences phase: who you are, what you do better than others and what you must improve to match or exceed the level of your competitors.
These premises will be the foundation of your online marketing plan, therefore, it is better for you not to confuse what you are, with what you want to become.

Set a Goal

The marketing plan is a roadmap towards achieving one or more objectives. Therefore it is essential to define what aspects you want to improve and measure how much. It is obvious that a basic objective will be to increase turnover, however, you can set secondary objectives such as increasing the number of repeat customers by 10% or increasing the average minimum value of the cart by 10 dollars.

Target Definition

Not all of your customers who will buy in your online store will have the same needs. If you want all of them to perceive an improvement in your online shop, you should start by classifying them into groups according to some key characteristic: purchasing power, location, socio-cultural aspects, profession, etc.
For example, if you have an online store for decoration, you will have clients who want to decorate their home or hire professional decorators. Both will buy your products, but they need different treatment.

Market Environment Analysis

In this phase you have to study the current status and market developments where you work, for this purpose, you have to seek sectoral reports and analyze the evolution of searches for keywords related to your activity. Next is to find and classify your main online competitors. You can start by defining a list of keywords that you would like to appear in good positions in search engines. Then check which online stores are being positioned for these terms. You can use competitive intelligence and benchmarking tools to get that information in a very simple way. In addition to pointing out who your competitors, the tools will list the keywords for which they are positioning and will show graphs with an estimate of the web traffic they receive. That information can give you an idea of how much traffic you can get and what seasonality the sector has. Additionally, it is recommended that you follow your competitors in social networks, subscribe to newsletters and periodically visit their websites to know what they are doing and how it is working.

Introduction to Pay Per Click Advertising

The following article is an introduction to digital marketing particularly SEO and PPC aka “pay per click” advertising that can turn your company into a success. Possessing an updated company website is valuable to customers. A well-designed website can help your business reach its target sale.

Digital marketing is a brief expression that encompasses a lengthy group of skills. It"s probably the single best strategy to reach the greatest amount of potential customers. Based on the Digital Marketing Institute, it"s the usage of digital stations to advertise or market services and products to consumers and businesses. As it"s dependent on technology which is ever-evolving and fast -changing, the same features should be expected from digital marketing developments and strategies.

On the other hand, mobile marketing is quite similar. It might be an excellent tool for your organization, but you need to know that this kind of advertising is not free at all. Digital marketing consists of content marketing, promotion through social media collectively with SEO or PPC advertising.

With PPC advertising, you can get clicks immediately when the ad is activated and if people are searching online for the key phrases on which you bid with a quality-written ad. Moreover, it is known that pay per click advertising in Jacksonville FL is fast: with established systems, such as Google AdWords, you can plan a targeted traffic in a few minutes after creating an account.

Should you want to know more about promotion or attempt to boost your digital marketing, then you should focus on pay per click advertising in Jacksonville FL. This is a challenging method, but it pays well because of good results. In pay per click Jacksonville FL, you cannot go wrong.

It is said that PPC advertising success can root from a unique content. The content is the basis of the internet marketing strategy. Moreover, internet marketing is about content. The content promotion efforts are whole by curating different useful content that works. A wise method to improve the content of your website and advance your advertising plan will be to interview experts in your area.

For starters, a great deal of multi-level advertisements companies supplies their customers with residual income. Though it is possible that you do it yourself, deciding on a major digital advertising and marketing business will surely give you the edge. To catch the most gain of digital marketing, you should consult an expert on SEO and PPC advertising.

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4 Known Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

Since the foundation of eBay and Amazon, e-commerce has become rapidly popular during the last decade. Due to its advantages such as the scope of market and cost, multinational companies and small to medium enterprises included online selling to their sales platform.

In spite of the advantages of e-commerce, it has its share of disadvantages. This article will list some of the disadvantages of online shopping. Consumers should evaluate these disadvantages according to their demands or doubts.

Product Condition and Returns

The issue of distrust of not being able to see, touch or test the product if it will meet the consumer’s expectations before paying is a serious let down to some buyers. In this sense, we can say that in terms of returns the rules that apply to physical stores are equally applicable to virtual stores. The products have the guarantees established by law. The buyer must keep the packaging, the invoice and any other document attesting to the purchase and payment. Whenever possible check the condition of the product at the time of delivery by the carrier.

Payment and Information Security

The security concern is another aspect where many people are still reluctant to buy online. Is it safe to enter your debit or credit card information online? The answer is not only yes, but it could be said that the risk today is the same or less than paying by card, for example, in a restaurant, since the employee directly handles the plastic and could get to manipulate or duplicate it. Never let your card be taken away from your sight

In addition, virtual stores have the same obligations as the physical ones in the treatment of personal information. If you still distrust and fear the possibility of a fraud, the prevention measure is to have a card that is only intended to make purchases online and has a limited balance. In this way, in a case of incidence, the damage would be minimized.

Payment Options

Online payment systems are currently very secure and from the technical point of view, the probability that third parties can intercept or manipulate a payment by credit card is very small. Of course, you have to always operate through known payment systems, such as PayPal or 2Checkout. In any case, it is always necessary to verify that the page of payment in which we enter the data of our credit card is a safe page. Most browsers indicate this by means of a lock icon and the address of the page (URL) must start with https: //.

Delivery Time

Finally, there are those who regret the lack of immediacy. The purchase is done quickly, comfortably and efficiently, but buyers have to wait for at least 24 hours before they will receive the item. There are exceptions for daily domestic purchases, but consumers should still have to wait.

Advantages Of Online Shopping

Shopping is a popular social and personal activity. Some consider shopping as a stress reliever or a hobby. The fact is that e-commerce is an increasingly common practice since it has many advantages over the traditional way of shopping. However, there are still those who are suspicious, and there is no shortage of reasons. It does have a lot of advantages that everyone should consider. This article will discuss some of the advantages of online shopping.


Online shops offer relatively lower price compared to brick and mortar shop. It is certainly the positive valuations that prevail in an analysis of online commerce, otherwise, it would never have spread and generalized in the way it has done. Among them include important aspects when buying is the price because online businesses can make more competitive offers to not have so many fixed costs in trade, such infrastructure as rental of premises, staff store, warehouse or security, basic water and electricity supplies, etc.

Product Availability

Online shops have more products and stocks since they have no problems with physical space to display their items. On the other hand, if a potential customer lives in a small town where the commercial offer is scarce, he will have no problem accessing the same sample as any other that resides in the capital. There is also an added advantage for both, as it is possible to import products not distributed in the commercial establishments of the country. Consumers can also obtain the items at a better price if these products are sold cheaper abroad. Through the Internet, the market is now worldwide.


Online shopping can be done from the comfort of home. Without having to move or bear with any crowds or queues when paying. Another advantage is it offers more flexibility since products will be delivered right at our door steps, saving time and being able to adapt to our times. The buying process is also possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week since the shop doesn’t have to observe any company trading hours set by law.

Product details

On the other hand, the fact of not having an opinion or advice of a sales personnel at the time of purchase of the desired product requires most pages of online commerce to provide much more detailed information on your catalog, including practical demonstrations. It is not strange that consumers come to forums to get the opinion of other customers and find out the level of satisfaction of both the purchase process and the product purchased.